【遨遊台灣】薰衣草森林1日遊 Lavender Cottage Day tour #6人成行、天天出發

★新社薰衣草森林 Lavender Cottage:位居台中新社的山區,為「薰衣草森林」品牌下的第一家創始店,已成為台灣中部旅遊的熱門景點。園區內除了種植大片薰衣草等多種香草植物外,更設置各式各樣的療癒擺設──例如在每個園區內都可看見身穿紫色T恤的泰迪熊,慵懶地坐在木椅上,等著你和它一起享受悠閒的午後時光,加上新社山區時常有雲霧繚繞,使得園區更增添浪漫氛圍。Located in Taichung Xinshe, the mountain area is the first founding shop under the brand of "Lavender Forest" and has become a popular tourist spot in central Taiwan. In addition to planting large lavender and other vanilla plants in the park, various healing facilities are also set up. For example, in each park, teddy bears wearing purple T-shirts can be seen sitting lazily on wooden chairs , Waiting for you to enjoy a leisurely afternoon with it.


★東海大學-路思義教堂 Luce memorial Chapel :

東海大學路思義教堂為東海人的信仰象徵,位於整個校園的中心,西接教學區,東接宿舍區,東海大學早期樹木尚未繁密之前,校園內任何一處地方都可看到路思義教堂,正因如此,它變成為東海人最重要的精神指標,為著名華裔美國建築師貝聿銘先生的傑作。教堂為了採光及明確表現結構起見,以四片三度曲面板構成,類似倒置船底,其上小下大的形狀給人一種穩定的感覺,從正前方或四十五度角內觀看,最能表現出路思義教堂那「曲線型」的美。每年耶誕節,路思義教堂是慶祝活動的重要地點。This campus is the most attractive one of all the universities in Taiwan. The buildings on the campus are modeled after the architectural style of the Tang dynasty. However, the landmark of Tunghai University is the church designed by I.M. Pei.


★接送時間 Pick-up time:
09:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.(夏季出發 1JUN.-30SEP.)
08:30 A.M. - 09:30 A.M.(冬季出發 1COT.-31MAY.)

★上車地點 Pick-up point:

  1. 台中火車站周邊旅店 Hotels near taichung railway station
  2. 逢甲麥當勞及周邊酒店 Fengjia's McDonald's & hotels near Fengjia
  3. 台中高鐵站-七號出口(會面點 2.3.4) Taichung high-speed rail station 7 exit (Meeting point 2.3.4)
    高鐵上車請於09:30前抵達 please arrive at the hight-speed rail station before 09:30.

★回程地點 Drop-off location:

  1. 台中高鐵 Taichung high-speed rail station
  2. 逢甲麥當勞及周邊酒店 Fengjia's McDonald's & hotels near Fengjia
  3. 台中火車站及周邊旅店 Hotels near taichung railway station & Taichung railway station
第1天:  台中/ 薰衣草森林 / 東東芋圓+大坑情人橋 /彩虹眷村 / 東海大學路思義教堂 / 高美濕地 / 台中

Taichung / Lavender Cottage / Rainbow military housing / Luce memorial Chapel / Gaomei Wetland






高美濕地 (高美野生動物保護區)的前身為高美海水浴場,從日治時期開始,海水浴場一直是遊客夏日的休閒勝地,隨著臺中港的啟用,高美海水浴場泥沙日漸淤積,導致遊客漸漸稀少,也因為泥沙的堆積與美麗的夕陽相呼應,造就了今天生態豐富且魅力萬分的高美濕地。


Dakeng Lovers Bridge is gorgeous in its own way no matter in daylight or starry nights. It feels like the strong arms of our lovers up-close and resembles the curved eyebrows of our lovers when they smile. At night, the reflection of the bridge itself in the glass surface forms an enormous heart shape with the bridge structure, secretly conveying love messages for the ones in love.


Rainbow military housing, One of the retired soldiers paints on the wall with paints. However, the housing is facing problem of dismantling for the government’s city plan. There are over 3 thousands of people supporting the rainbow military housing in only 2 days. The retired soldiers started to paint since September, 2008. He paints his dream out on the wall and brings a new life to the military housing. As a result, many people call him Grandpa Rainbow. The spot attracts many people on weekends. The city government declared that the painting is worth to preserve and they will modify their city plan.


Gaomei Wetland located on the south of the mouth of Dajia River is a land mixed with both sand and soil textures and comes in 1,500 acres. That explains why it has complicated yet rich wetland ecology and possesses the largest group of Bolboschoenus planieulmis in Taiwan. Due to diverse geographical features, the species of its ecology is quite abundant.


  • 成人Adult:NTD$1500/人
  • 孩童Children(八歲以下 Under 8 Years):NTD$1200/人
  • 外籍旅客售價另報 Prices for foreign tourists are reported separately
  1. 司機出差費 Driver travel expenses
  2. 精緻小團專用 豪華福斯九人座商旅車/奔馳vito九人座商務車款,台中定點來回交通。Use Volkswagen 9-seater business car / Mercedes-Benz 9-seater business car
  3. 全程投保200萬旅行責任險+10萬醫療險 Insured 2 million travel liability insurance + 100 thousand medical insurance
  1. 不含景點門票及餐費
    The price does not include the entrance fees and meals of attractions.
  1. 於本網站訂購產品前,請務必詳閱該產品之訂購須知及相關約定。如訂購人非旅客本人,訂購人將居於代理人地位,亦即有義務充分告知旅客本人各行程訂購須知與限制約定,在點選同意後其法律效力及於旅客本人,本公司不接受事後旅客本人以不知或未瞭解等事由做為抗辯理由。
  2. 旅客相關通知時間需以人事行政局公告之正常上班時間為依準,超過時間以下個工作日計算,敬請見諒。
  3. 旅客一經報名代表雙方接受定型化旅遊契約書之相關規定。
  4. 旅客同意,本商品經訂購付款後,如要取消或延期所衍生之費用需自行負責。
  5. 若遇天候不佳或不可抗拒之因素,本公司保有取消或變更行程的權利。
  6. 山區氣候溫差較大,敬請自備禦寒衣物及雨具。
  7. 如有身體不適請自備個人隨身藥品:如暈車藥、感冒藥、防蚊蟲液...等。
  8. 本商品嬰兒定義依出發當日實際年齡為基準:限制0~2歲以下,不含車位及其他活動費用,僅含保險及作業費用。
  9. 以上行程所載明之行車時間僅供參考,因路況或假日車流過大時,行程順序或時間將視實際情況調整。
  10. 此行程可依當天人數、活動節慶或天候等…因素,由司機調整行程順序,本公司不另公告。
  11. 如因個人因素未及上車或中途下車時,均視同自動放棄,恕無法退費或分段補搭乘。
  12. 行程內景點順序請遵照當日司機安排,並遵守上下車時間集合避免影響其他旅客權益。
  13. 以上行程採合車制,6人以上可選擇包車、客製化行程。
  14. 本行程2人以上方可成行,天天出發,出發前一日15:00報名截止。


  1. 2 PAX to go.
  2. Please prepare PASSPORT.
  3. Online registration does not guarantee that the tour will run for sure. Your agent will contact you via email with a final confirmation.
  4. Tour information would be given two days before departure via email, please give us your correct e-mail address while booking.
  5. Contact email: service@chinasky.com.tw
  6. Do not bring any pets or any hazardous items. In case of the safety for visitors.
  7. Please be on time for every scheduled itinerary.
  8. It will not be refunded if you off the tour at will or miss the scheduled time.
  9. We reserve the right to order the itinerary according to the traffic condition, massive visitors and other circumstances.
  10. We reserve the right to change the itinerary or cancel the tour due to weather and unpredictable reasons.
  11. With the agreement from visitors, visitors should afford the extra expense (ex. cancellation fee) from cancelling or putting off the tour.
  12. Registration confirm: The order will be activated after agent replied. It is necessary to make a confirmation for the tour within seven days, then make a contract for approval.
  13. Please read the cancellation policy in detail before executing.
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